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Chosen Few MC September 2011 Update

This is the latest regarding the venerable motorcycle club, The Chosen Few.   The reality will be known at the end of the trial before that it’s all speculation but the guilty until proven innocent campaign  continues. Chosen Few Black … Continue reading

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The Chosen Few: LA’s Heritage of Post-Jim Crow Biking in the 21st Century

While the “ Weed and Seed” federal, local, and “community-based” cabal of inquisitors have started a public relations campaign to defame the Chosen Few motorcycle club characterizing them as a “gang,” a little bit of history has been lost. My only connection … Continue reading

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Total Information Awareness, Weed and Seed Community Surveillance and Repression

“You can thank the Department of Justice’s Weed and Seed Program (for the Chosen Few conspiracy). I have been a victim of this organization and I know others who have also been targeted. During the Bush Administration it was run … Continue reading

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Chosen Few MC “Perp Walked” by LAPD

The LAPD is “perp walking” a venerable 50-year old LA motorcycle club in another example of how the American justice system attempts to destroy the reputation of an accused before trial through press releases.  The Chosen Few is a unique … Continue reading

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Production Notes on “Easy Rider” Film – Cliff Vaughs

Augus, 2012: Cliff Vaughs attacked by pirates off the coast of honduras.  His boat was forced to the beach and he escaped with his life into the jungle.  https://www.facebook.com/clifford.vaughs Easy Rider  Cliff Vaughs I was working in the News Department … Continue reading

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