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Crack Cocaine and Rational Thinking

When I first saw this article in the NY Times I was intrigued. Although not stated it draws a line between the opiate class of drug addiction and the non-opiates like cocaine and amphetamines.  In my limited experience, addiction to … Continue reading

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Who Really Profits From the Drug Trade?

For the last 40 years we have spent millions on eradication with defoliants on foreign soil, turning youth into felons, and enriching those who profit from prohibition. Some countries have decriminalized, legalized, or tolerated use and offered therapy to users. … Continue reading

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Sundance Award: “The House I Live In”

The wretched story of race, crack, crime, and how black youth bear the brunt of what is a racially focused crime that singles out black youth.  This is a crime with roots in the importation of the crack cocaine phenomenon … Continue reading

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Uncontacted Brazilian Indians Contend With Cocaine Smugglers

Guard post for uncontacted Indians over-run by “drug traffickers” 8 August 2011  José Carlos Meirelles and Brazilian police at FUNAI ‘s remote outpost on the Envira river, invaded by drug traffickers. © Maria Emília Coelho The Brazilian guard post protecting the uncontacted Indians who were filmed … Continue reading

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