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Fresh water becoming more expensive than oil

 It passes under the radar but it is more important than the end of oil reserves and more important.  Water is being used to “frack” shale to recover natural  gas and oil.  Agricultural riparian rights have made the delta of … Continue reading

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U.S Intelligence: Looming Water Wars Will Add to Global Insecurity

  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owens_Lake  This once bountiful lake dating to 12,000 years ago is the “sacrificial lamb” that, since 1913, has been diverted to feed the needs of Los Angeles, an otherwise desert community.  It is, in microcosm, a vision of our … Continue reading

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Satellite View of Amazon Drought

NASA satellite sensors, such as MODIS, showed an average pattern of greenness of vegetation on South America: Amazon forests which have very high leaf area are shown in red and purple colors, the adjacent cerrado (savannas) which have lower leaf … Continue reading

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Who Owns Water? More Valuable than Oil.

Blue Gold: http://www.bluegold-worldwaterwars.com/. This is an excellent documentary about capitalism and the rare resource of water. If you can see it (or read the book), do. Interesting discussion of world hydrology and who owns the water we drink. On 12/26/10 … Continue reading

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