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Two Towns Try to Bridge a Recession – S.I. Hayakawa

Long ago when I was beginning to learn to think, someone suggested that I should read “Language in Thought and Action,” by S I Hayakawa.  Someone suggested if I learned anything from it I might get a good grade.  She … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking Critically Needed

As a lad I was fortunate to have read  S I Hayakawa’s “Language in Thought and Action.” It was my introduction to Alfred Korzybiski’s General Semantics.  General semantics was my introduction to critical thinking.  He advocated not confusing the “thing” with … Continue reading

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Anderson Cooper: Fool for Political Correctness

Anderson Cooper excoriated Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), for invoking the name of Joseph Goebbels, a Nazi propagandist of WWII.  Anderson’s research group erred when supporting the contention that Goebbels had coined the term. “The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The … Continue reading

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Magical Politics

In an early English class I had the opportunity to have Hayakawa’s “Language in Thought and Action” as a text.  The book deals with critical thinking and general semantics. Perhaps even had I not read this book I would be … Continue reading

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