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The Wandering Roma: A Historical Snapshot

The much maligned Roma (Cigano, Traveler, Tzigane, etc) are seen the world over.  While traveling in Guatemala in the 1990’s I decided to get off  the chicken bus in Chichicastenango for a few days and rent an actual hotel room … Continue reading

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Are your genes good enough to be passed on?

No Irish Need Apply Eugenics: A world movement at the turn of the century Lest we forget American attitudes prior to WWII, here is an old testament to what we really thought about racial superiority in the good old days.  … Continue reading

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Reaction to France’s Expulsion of Roma Grows

BRUSSELS — After an acrimonious dispute over its expulsions of Roma, France was told on Wednesday that it would face legal proceedings for failing to meet minimum European Union safeguards to protect the rights of the bloc’s citizens.   NY Times article … Continue reading

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