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Incest: Why is it so Disgusting – and Popular

For reasons yet unknown to me an informal survey of pornography sites shows an interest in incest-related categories.  I don’t have the background to comment on this except to note that society’s most heinous crimes appear to have a large following … Continue reading

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Genetic Tests May Uncover Incest

Microarray analysis can identify unsuspected incest, February 10, 2011 Researchers using DNA microarrays to diagnose developmental disabilities or congenital anomalies in children may unexpectedly identify that some have been conceived through incest. This raises social and legal issues that institutions and … Continue reading

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Incest: a Family Activity, Child Sex the World Over

This is a short post on incest and child abuse from different cultural perspectives I was reading a post (Hassidic Sex Abuse), which should please other religious groups as it changes the focus from priests to guys with curls on their … Continue reading

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