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Mike Wallace Interviews Aldous Huxley

Prognosticator of the Future Here is an interview of Aldous Huxley by Mike Wallace in 1958.  This interview is as topical today as it was in the 1950s.  You will find predictions of how television and advertising will affect politics. … Continue reading

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When Big Brother Knows Everything

One of the more interesting science-fiction books I read as a youth.  At least I thought it was science fiction.  These days it is more descriptive of the world we live in.  Even the privacy of my thoughts is threatened … Continue reading

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Can Society Endure the New Indentured Servitude of Student Debt?

Ok, I’m not seriously in college anymore.  I haven’t smoked any weed in ages, I can barely remember the last time I woke up and wondered how the person next to me in bed and naked, got there.  My last … Continue reading

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Question: Is Free Will Free?

I’ve read Scientific American for over xx years.  Long enough to remember when it was a hard read for a 13 year old.  SciAm has become a lot more accessible over the years and so it should.  I also remember … Continue reading

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What are the Foundations of the Occupy Movement?

The Occupy movement now exists worldwide as a diaphanous web of people who have been united in their pain and seek change.  The issues vary from country to country but at the base is economic collapse and the tyranny of … Continue reading

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Open Courseware: Democratizing Education

For the last few weeks I’ve been looking for a topic for my 500th online post in machimon.wordpress.com.  I think I’ve found a subject of sufficient gravity and scope:  Education.  While some see education as a profit- making enterprise, others … Continue reading

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Education in the Late, Great, State of California

Many believe the USA is the promised land, which it may have been at one time (if you discount slavery, segregation, union busting, the depression, almost continual war, and ever increasing surveillance, among other things).  Times change, people die (and … Continue reading

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