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The Newbie’s Guide to Staying Under the RADAR of the NSA

Some people are really paranoid about being watched by Big Brother.  There are ways to minimize your susceptibility to being monitored.  But, as in the cartoon “Spy vs Spy,” there are always counter-counter-countermeasures being developed.  Dan Stucky makes some good … Continue reading

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Cerf: Is Internet Access a Human Right?

Internet Access Is Not a Human Right By VINTON G. CERF, Published: January 4, 2012 FROM the streets of Tunis to Tahrir Square and beyond, protests around the world last year were built on the Internet and the many devices that … Continue reading

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If the Internet Ceased to Function Tomorrow…

When I was in younger the cool thing to have was an IMSAI 8080 (http://www.imsai.net/).  It has lots of lights and a row of paddle switches to set the boot address.  What a marvel! We were all hackers back then … Continue reading

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Stanford Develops “Do Not Track” Software

Stanford students create ‘do not track’ software “We always thought Do Not Track was a great technical idea, and it has a real impact that’s feasible,” said Jonathan Mayer, one of two researchers who created the software. As a government … Continue reading

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