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Crimea, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Ukraine, Historical Perspective

I think most people are confused about Ukraine, the horrible pogroms, Polish/Ukraine mutual ethnic cleansing and why Khrushchev amputated Crimea from the USSR only a few decades ago and why Putin is a little nervous at having the West move … Continue reading

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Capitalism Explained by a Nurse

Words, words, words.  Many people think that a word is a thing.  Take sex, most of us have different images of a simple three-letter word:  I don’t have space to list all of them.  If you say something is a … Continue reading

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Protolanguage Pronunciation Re-creation

Interesting notion, recapturing the sound of a proto-language.  I’m familiar with a few romance languages and a couple of norse/germanic languages and am always surprised how languages change.  There are languages, dialects, patois, and pidgins sometimes barely intelligible from village … Continue reading

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Linguistics: Ithkuil, a Constructed Language With Interesting Associations

I was first introduced to languages at four or five when my parents went on assignment to Cuba for six months.  It was painful.  I ran to my mother complaining that I couldn’t get the cook to make me a … Continue reading

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Is English Closer to Norse Languages Than Germanic?

As an English speaker who had a few years of German and am now studying Norwegian  (why not, it’s very similar to Icelandic) and Icelandic (I have a few Icelandic friends and is related to Norwegian) and I’ve noticed that, where in … Continue reading

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Two from Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll, one of my favorites for having invented the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen, not to mention the rabbit into whose hole she fell, has always fascinated me.   Jaberwocky is at the bottom. . . The Walrus … Continue reading

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Doublespeak, Doublethink, Corporate Persons

Of course, corporations are not people.  The equation is a form of  doublethink  engaged in by people who are trying to convince you of one thing while stating a false premise.  A corporation is a person in the narrow sense that … Continue reading

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