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Norquist 2012: Fade to Grey Specter?

I have long questioned the ability of an ideological sophist (lobbyist) to influence (blackmail) the representatives of we, the people, to vote against the interests of the people in order to remain our representatives.  The people’s house, the house of … Continue reading

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Americas “Grey Eminence:” Grover Norquist

Whatever you think representative government might be, don’t think it necessarily represents you.  The “new” Republican party is under the thrall of a “Grey Eminence” who is the founder of Americans for Tax Reform. This “Grey Eminence” was also co-author of Gingrich’s “Contract … Continue reading

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Black Ops Outsourced

This facet of the military/industrial/intelligence has been prospering since before the Iran/Contra scandal of the Nixon administration and before.  Intelligence is a black area as far as budget oversight goes and this is generally a good thing. However, without strong … Continue reading

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