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How do they put the mountain top back on after they cut it off?

Mountain Topping:  An alternative mining technique to digging into a mountain to extract valuable ores.  Rather than tunnel, the mountain top is scraped to reveal buried ore. Cutting through successive thin layers efficiently exposes the ore while the mountain top … Continue reading

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Bolivia and Ecuador Grant Equal Rights to Nature

These presidents, having passed this symbolic legislation are making a statement in S. America, have  pushed themselves  further out of the orbit of western oil,  mining, and logging interests.  What the outcome of these actions will be is open to … Continue reading

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Mining at 17,000 ft: It’s All Downhill From There

Heather Willliams, a professor of Political Science at Pomona College has written a thoughtful article about open-pit mining at 17,000 ft in Peru.  Somehow I never thought about mining with an oxygen mask, but then Peru has coca for the soroche (altitude … Continue reading

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Afghan Patrimony Being Replaced with Open-Pit Mine

As sad as it is to see the world’s patrimony being destroyed site by site for transient commercial profit the major excesses cannot be ignored.  We commented earlier on the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas by religious extremists philosophically contemporaneous … Continue reading

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Belo Monte Dam on the Xingu: What will it do to the Amazon?

There are ecological disasters happening the world over.  We cannot stop many but we should also be aware of the more destructive of home and environment.  The first is the Three Gorges          Dam in China, the third largest proposed dam … Continue reading

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Gold Mining Menaces Guatemalan Maya

While some countries lose their patrimony to grave robbers and Illegal lumber operations.  Guatemala is losing the Maya – a living patrimony. Guatemala, about 39% indigenous Maya was subject to a civil war from 1968 to 1996 where ~160,000 Maya were killed. … Continue reading

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