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2 Burka or Not 2 Burka?

 You may not remember, but we met at a party last month… I admit it.  Every time I see a guy in a gorilla suit walking down the street I usually cross over to the other side of the street … Continue reading

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I’m younger, cuter, and I believe in change, dude! (Saif)

Update 9/6/11:  Just keeping in touch. I’m on vacation for a while. I was too busy in August but everyone needs time to recharge. My sister just had a baby and that is a positive event.  I’m keeping to myself, … Continue reading

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If Gaddafi Wins, Who Will He Attack First, and How?

Gates, as Secretary of Defense, has earned my admiration.  He doesn’t make policy, he is responsible for the conduct of military action. Clinton is responsible for state.  They both give their counsel to the president, Obama, who must direct our … Continue reading

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11th Hour Reprieve: Libya. Too Late?

At the very last moment Russia and China abstain from the vote leaving a unanimous vote for a no fly zone and “all necessary measures” short of occupation to protect the Libyan people from Gaddafi’s superior firepower.  The alternative, most … Continue reading

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North Africa, Near East: The Tipping Point

The fire next time I continue to worry about the wildfire in North Africa.  Should a change of government prevail in many of the governments of the Middle East, North Africa?  This has already become a fait acompli.  What opportunities … Continue reading

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Malignancy in Libya: What Do You Think?

This could be one of the most difficult decisions the world will make in the next 48 hours.  The ante is being raised as I type.  We know Gaddafi from his actions over the last 40 years.  We know of … Continue reading

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Response to Demonstrations in Middle East Honed

WILL THE VIOLENT RESPONSE SPREAD? Posted by Chris on March 9, 2011 After the fall of Egypt and Tunisia, the world and particularly the Arab world was ecstatic at the possibility of a region-wide peaceful democratic solution that would sweep unpopular dictators out of … Continue reading

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