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How do they put the mountain top back on after they cut it off?

Mountain Topping:  An alternative mining technique to digging into a mountain to extract valuable ores.  Rather than tunnel, the mountain top is scraped to reveal buried ore. Cutting through successive thin layers efficiently exposes the ore while the mountain top … Continue reading

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Mining at 17,000 ft: It’s All Downhill From There

Heather Willliams, a professor of Political Science at Pomona College has written a thoughtful article about open-pit mining at 17,000 ft in Peru.  Somehow I never thought about mining with an oxygen mask, but then Peru has coca for the soroche (altitude … Continue reading

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Gold Mining Menaces Guatemalan Maya

While some countries lose their patrimony to grave robbers and Illegal lumber operations.  Guatemala is losing the Maya – a living patrimony. Guatemala, about 39% indigenous Maya was subject to a civil war from 1968 to 1996 where ~160,000 Maya were killed. … Continue reading

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