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Ten Billion People! Wow, On This Planet?

They sure are cute, but when they grow up they breed like people! Can the Planet Support 10 Billion People? By JOEL E. COHEN, Published: October 23, 2011 How will countries feed and shelter populations that are expected to soar … Continue reading

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Malthus, End Times, and Finite Resources

A: The important stuff is in the last 1/10″ Dr Alexander A Bartlett is one of those fortunate people who can communicate simply and effectively.  What he discusses in the following series of videos are  exponential functions and their relationship … Continue reading

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I’ll have the paté, please

Have you ever had Krab?  We know it’s not the REAL thing, that’s too expensive.  But surimi is processed fish, likely not commercially useful fish but surimi is very popular these days and why not?  Food will continue to be … Continue reading

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