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Robert Reich: The Republican’s Social-Darwinist Budget Plan

For those with curious bent Social Darwinism may seem to be a fuzzy concept.  So, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Darwinism provides a (relatively) non-technical explanation.  We know that arctic hares that are white in the winter turn brown in the summer.  Those that do the opposite … Continue reading

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Reich: Size Matters

Certainly, smaller government is more susceptible to well funded lobbyists.  Small government won’t have the resources to do many things: financial audits, food, drugs, workplace safety (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massey_Energy), almost everything government does to protect its citizens from the abuse of predatory … Continue reading

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Norquist: The GOP’s Grey Eminence

Somewhere in the shadowy past, somewhere between the ascendance of Karl Rove and the fumbling of Ralph Reed, the duplicity of Jack Abramov, and Tom (the Hammer) DeLay, another star was rising on the horizon.   Grover Norquist, differed from the crowd because he … Continue reading

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