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“Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital.” Lincoln

Alan Grayson Opines “What Lincoln Said, 150 Years Ago Today.” During my two years in Congress, I heard an awful lot of speeches. Some of them were delivered by some of the finest public speakers in America today – like … Continue reading

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Cronon: The Odd Case of Historian Bashing

NYT Editorial and Other Coverage of Cronon Open Records Case March 26, 2011 Yesterday was among the craziest of my entire life. The story traced in this blog of the Republican Party’s Open Records Law request for access to my … Continue reading

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Free Will? Research Shows Political Orientation May be Genetic

This study may have interesting implications implications both biologically and philosophically.  It has been argued that free will doesn’t exist because we are a product of our enculturation and our ability to make choices independently is difficult.  If it ultimately … Continue reading

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