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Starving the Beast: How America Became a Downwardly Mobile Economy

It’s hard to be downwardly mobile.  While the BRIC countries were (more or less) surfing the emerging market waves the USA has been studiously and blindly working to become downwardly mobile.  While the body of this article looks at the … Continue reading

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Norquist 2012: Fade to Grey Specter?

I have long questioned the ability of an ideological sophist (lobbyist) to influence (blackmail) the representatives of we, the people, to vote against the interests of the people in order to remain our representatives.  The people’s house, the house of … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences of Student Loans

 I’m totally in sympathy with Ellen.  Once upon a time education was factored into the cost of growing an economy and built into the economy by supporting public education.  At some point the cost of growing the economy  began to … Continue reading

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American Democracy: The Illusion and the Truth

Money, democracy, and Oligarchy. the hidden hand of power http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/peopleandpower/2011/10/2011102683719370179.html

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Robert Reich: The Republican’s Social-Darwinist Budget Plan

For those with curious bent Social Darwinism may seem to be a fuzzy concept.  So, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_Darwinism provides a (relatively) non-technical explanation.  We know that arctic hares that are white in the winter turn brown in the summer.  Those that do the opposite … Continue reading

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Oops! Krugman Explains Who Actually Gets Welfare

Moochers Against Welfare By PAUL KRUGMAN, Published: February 16, 2012, COMMENTS (716) First, Atlas shrugged. Then he scratched his head in puzzlement. Modern Republicans are very, very conservative; you might even (if you were Mitt Romney) say, severely conservative. Political scientists who use Congressional … Continue reading

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Obama’s “European-Style Welfare Culture”

  The Republican Myth of Obama’s “Entitlement Society” WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2012 One of the few things Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich agree on is that President Obama is turning America into “ European-style welfare culture.” In his standard stump speech … Continue reading

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The Conservative Mind From Burke to Palin

Not the final word on what societal/personal/psychological forces are the source of conservative thinking, but a window on the process. – Carlos The Truth About the Conservative Mind: Why Reactionaries from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin Have Fought Real Liberty … Continue reading

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Capitalism: Who’s Capitalism Are We talking About?

The Sudden New Debate About Capitalism Author: Gary Hart, Jan 12, 2012 The current Republican nomination contest has revealed serious confusion over the nature of our economic system. Very conservative candidates are attacking Governor Romney because his experience at Bain … Continue reading

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Austerity Economics: Starving the Beast, RIP

Paul Krugman / Starve the beast: Fiscal calamity is the GOP’s plan to shrink government Tuesday, February 23, 2010 OK, the beast is starving. Now what? That’s the question confronting Republicans. But they’re refusing to answer, or even to engage … Continue reading

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