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Oil vs Belize’s Sarstoon-Temash National Park: Guess Who Wins?

Sometimes things are inevitable if lamentable. Brazil’s Belo Monte Dam is vital to the country’s electric needs.  Oil drilling in Belize’s Sarstoon Temash National Park is not.  Designated as a protected wetlands by the Ramsar Convention in 2005 (http://ramsar.wetlands.org/) the area … Continue reading

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How do they put the mountain top back on after they cut it off?

Mountain Topping:  An alternative mining technique to digging into a mountain to extract valuable ores.  Rather than tunnel, the mountain top is scraped to reveal buried ore. Cutting through successive thin layers efficiently exposes the ore while the mountain top … Continue reading

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Bolivia and Ecuador Grant Equal Rights to Nature

These presidents, having passed this symbolic legislation are making a statement in S. America, have  pushed themselves  further out of the orbit of western oil,  mining, and logging interests.  What the outcome of these actions will be is open to … Continue reading

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How the Internet May Save the Amazon

May the worms not win The Amazon region of Brazil is beset with conflicting isometrically opposed pressures .  There is the vast, unimaginable forest hiding untold secrets under an ocean of green.  This is patrimony.  This ocean is being eaten away, … Continue reading

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More Secrets of the Tribe – Yanomamö

This is another cut at one of the more interesting conflicts in contemporary anthropology.  Much has been written; Chagnon is often required reading for cultural anthropology 101 VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY Film Reviews You have free access to this content Secrets of … Continue reading

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Zé Claudio Ribeiro da Silva: Dead in Fight to Save Amazon

This is a testament to a tree hugger and his wife.  A couple whose lives ended for informing on lumber interests that must cut down the forest and move on.  Who informed on the cattle interests who converted the clear … Continue reading

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Guatemala’s Presidential Election: Hope for Indigenous?

  A Golden Opportunity To End Mining Conflict Keith Slack, Thursday, 01 September 2011 17:31 When Guatemalans elect a new president in September, he or she will face a truly daunting set of problems. The country is, by any objective measure, … Continue reading

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