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Telomeres, More on These Fascinating Caps on Our Chromosomes

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Yet More on Those Wonderful Telomeres

Protein Clamps Tight to Telomeres to Help Prevent Aging and Support Cancer ScienceDaily (Sep. 19, 2010) — The number of times our cells can divide is dictated by telomeres, stretches of DNA at the tips of our chromosomes. Understanding how telomeres … Continue reading

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Centrosomes vs Telomeres

Back on September 1, I wrote a few words on Telomeres, sequences of  with a link for further information.  Here is an article on the companion of the telomere: the centrosome – carlos Art of Dividing: Researchers Decode Function and … Continue reading

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Telomeres: Aging and the “Teflon” Cap at the End of the Chromosome

There are a few things that turn me on. Two of them are mtDNA and telomeres.  Telomeres prevent the ends of chromosomes from fusing when they shouldn’t.  They are sequences at the ends of chromosomes, they can be thousands of … Continue reading

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