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The Wandering Roma: A Historical Snapshot

The much maligned Roma (Cigano, Traveler, Tzigane, etc) are seen the world over.  While traveling in Guatemala in the 1990’s I decided to get off  the chicken bus in Chichicastenango for a few days and rent an actual hotel room … Continue reading

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Journalist on the Run!

Janet (Journalist on the Run) is a recent find and spirit at large.  Her blogs capture her passion for life and is worth looking at.  I would recommend her visiting Central and South America;-) – Carlos Shebeen Flick. http://janetnewenham.wordpress.com/about/

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Finca Ixobel: Ecotourism in Guatemala’s Peten

When I was here in the late ’80s Guatemala was a country in the bloody flux of civil war. I had come through the mountains and Lake Atitlán and was on the long lowland journey by chicken bus to Tikal. … Continue reading

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Bush Cancels Swiss Trip as Lawyers Plan Action for Use of Torture

Bush’s Shrinking World: George W. Bush Cancels Europe Trip as Human Rights Lawyers Threaten Legal Action over Torture … MATT LAUER: Why is waterboarding legal, in your opinion? GEORGE W. BUSH: Because the lawyers said it was legal, said it … Continue reading

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What to Expect When Getting a New TSA Pat-Down

November 21, 2010 Thanks to a new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) policy, many passengers are being forced to undergo an extremely intrusive and humiliating “pat down” search that is unlike anything most Americans have experienced before. In the few weeks … Continue reading

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