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The Mystery of Why Tuition at Public Colleges has Gone From $1000/yr to $21,000+/yr

Like the private prison industry, the predatory, for profit, private trade/college school is a growth industry funded by public money while the traditional, state-funded, 2- and 4-year higher education venues are being starved of  funding.  Why, we may ask, is the … Continue reading

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Unintended Consequences of Student Loans

 I’m totally in sympathy with Ellen.  Once upon a time education was factored into the cost of growing an economy and built into the economy by supporting public education.  At some point the cost of growing the economy  began to … Continue reading

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What is Education if Not Infrastructure?

The following article shows the sad situation of California higher public education.  In many countries education is subsidized because it is an investment in the future of that country.   For reasons that should be discussed at length, the cost … Continue reading

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