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Wall Street Psychopath

Did you ever wonder why the fellow in the pew, two rows down, third on the left, could sell “signature only” mortgages to people who can’t speak English? Or wonder what goes on in the mind of the guy in … Continue reading

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Banks too Big to Fail: Bill Moyers and David Stockman

Bill Moyers is back.  A long time rational advocate for reason has returned to TV via Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).  Today he interviews David Stockman about how the major banks have co-opted the Obama administration.  How Big Money Bought Our … Continue reading

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Financial Elite May be Accountable for Misdeeds!

Can it be?  Will the contributors to the current recession face accountability for their part? Full-Blown Civil War Erupts On Wall Street – Financial Elite Start Turning On Each Other http://wakeup-world.com/2011/09/06/full-blown-civil-war-erupts-on-wall-street-financial-elite-start-turning-on-each-other/ Reality Finally Hits The Financial Elite As They Start … Continue reading

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Occupy Ventura, New York, Oakland, and Your Town, USA

NY Times “Day of Action”  Occupy Oxnard’s Day of Action. Ventura/Oxnard is little better than a slice of America rising to its feet in support (if not in numbers) of our brothers and sisters who are OCCUPYing Wall Street in … Continue reading

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America’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

In a prior post, “Starve the Beast!”, I noted that a strategy for forcing smaller government was to deplete the national treasury by initiating unfunded wars and cutting taxes.  This in some way resonated with some folks who still believe … Continue reading

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