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Crimea, The Charge of the Light Brigade, Ukraine, Historical Perspective

I think most people are confused about Ukraine, the horrible pogroms, Polish/Ukraine mutual ethnic cleansing and why Khrushchev amputated Crimea from the USSR only a few decades ago and why Putin is a little nervous at having the West move … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Wretched of the Earth

I am reminded of a book I read long, long ago:  Lanternari’s “The Religions of the Oppressed.”  (http://tinyurl.com/lqzrthu)  Throughout the world runs a theme of transcendence from oppression both spiritually and politically.  Society has always been led by the Big … Continue reading

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More Secrets of the Tribe – Yanomamö

This is another cut at one of the more interesting conflicts in contemporary anthropology.  Much has been written; Chagnon is often required reading for cultural anthropology 101 VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY Film Reviews You have free access to this content Secrets of … Continue reading

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U.S Intelligence: Looming Water Wars Will Add to Global Insecurity

  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owens_Lake  This once bountiful lake dating to 12,000 years ago is the “sacrificial lamb” that, since 1913, has been diverted to feed the needs of Los Angeles, an otherwise desert community.  It is, in microcosm, a vision of our … Continue reading

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Murder Is Not An Anomaly in War

These are the words of a man tired of war. Tired of war in the fourth dimension: time.  Tired of war that few people see because to show a body exploding in slow motion might put us off our dinner. … Continue reading

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Women in Combat Arms: I Have Reservations

Women are the propagators of culture:  War dehumanizes culture I am conflicted about allowing women into combat in wartime.  I support their right to serve in any capacity because to be considered for field-grade promotions you have to have your … Continue reading

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George Orwell, Noam Chomsky: What Is “Unhistory?”

The Viet Nam war in the rear view mirror.  As a patriotic American veteran of Viet Nam era, I can only shake my head at the cost and loss. Anniversaries From “Unhistory” Monday 6 February 2012 by: Noam Chomsky, Truthout … Continue reading

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